“For almost 60 years NAWIC Sacramento has enhanced careers for women working within the Construction industry in the Sacramento region. At one point in time, our chapter was one of the largest chapters in the entire US.” says Agata Krasniewska, President of NAWIC Sacramento.

“I became inspired and started to participate in rebuilding NAWIC Sacramento Chapter after I met one of the construction industry experts from Sacramento who shared with me her experiences of how she was at the beginning of her career and participated in the creation of another professional networking group within the Sacramento region back in the 1980s. Working with various people within the industry made me recognize the value of building your own network and the importance of positive relationships. NAWIC helped me grow as a professional and gave me an opportunity to be in a leadership position in the chapter.

This organization opens up networking opportunities not only at the chapter and regional level but also at the national and international level. NAWIC Sacramento Chapter is an active supporter of various non-profits within our region, join us to grow your career, network, and make and who wouldn’t want to be a part of it, get involved, and have an impact on our community. We are excited to build our future together!”